Technology and Guarantees

We manufacture articles for bed protection , 2 in 1 concept, with technical natural fabrics using cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal sleep. Automated local production and control process.


Natural biodegradable fiber from cellulose wood grown in forests and sustainable plantations, respectful of the environment. Soft, resistant and anti-bacterial. This nanofiber has a great capacity moisture absorption and releases it quickly while preserving body heat. It maintains the natural balance of skin so it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Certificate approved by LENZING.

Sistema PERLAM®
Waterproof and Breathable

The revolutionary PERLAM® system consists of an intelligent membrane which quickly refuses the liquids and expulses them to the outisde, keeping the skin always dry. At the same time, it allows the skin to breathe though the fabric, creating a pleasant environment that contributes to rest. PERLAM® is a registered trademark, the technology of which is only granted, under license, to best textile firms.


PERCOAT® is a waterproofing system of high resistance and breathability, that through a process of thermal fusion, combines the softness of TENCEL® fabric with the latest technology of polyurethane coating.

Microcapsule Thermoregulation

The action of THERMIC® is based on some intelligent microcapsules that retain and store the excess temperature generally produced when we get into bed. This is then released after a short time, when the body cools down. This cycle can be repeated whenever our body warms up and cools down during the night.


THE STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is a worldwide independent and homogeneous testing and verification system for textile products in all manufacturing phases. It certifies that the materials and accessories used are neither polluting nor harmful to humans and especially babies.