Committed to the environment

Eco Dreams range, our most sustainable products

We select natural fibers in order to offer a medium-high quality bedding protection line respectful with the environment. We buy raw material from authorized and accredited suppliers. Local manufacturing process minimizes waste and transport.

Genetically unmodified organic fibers


Organic Cotton Fiber.

100% Organic Cotton Yarn is a choice to market ‘s growing demand of better quality products environmentally friendly. Also to a higher awareness for bed protection articles manufactured in natural fibers.

Product knitted with 100% Organic Cotton Yarn. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and substances harmful to the environment. The choice of organic products is an active contribution to the protection of the planet.

REFIBRA is fabrics latest generation that make a choice for recycling and thus for a greater environmental awareness. REFIBRA results from the use of discarded cotton scraps and TENCEL™ by Lenzing fiber from eco-friendly proximity crops.

We can offer you an outstanding product, both innovative and sustainable based on the 3R -REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE philosophy.