MATTRESS PROTECTOR, waterproof and breathable.
DELIS PRODUCTS, SL has developed ULTRATEX®, a new generation of mattress protectors, ideal for intensive use. Thanks to the combination of both the excellent qualities of TENCEL® fabric and last generation of polyurethane coating PERCOAT®, we have obtained a highly breathable waterproof fabric, with great resistance and durability, without sacrificing comfort, adaptability and quality for which our products are well-known and recognized.
ULTRATEX® high durability and resistance allow washing at 95ºC, drying at high temperatures, dry cleaning and even the use of autoclave at 120ºC for a complete and effective disinfection and hygiene. In addition, due to its great resistance, it can be ironed by the side of the TENCEL® fabric.
ULTRATEX® also ensures extraordinary comfort thanks to its TENCEL® fabric. The softness, absorption power, thermoregulation and breathability of TENCEL® cellulosic fiber together with the PERCOAT® polyurethane coating, allows us to offer a high-performance product for your rest and comfort in bed.
PERCOAT® is a waterproofing system of high resistance and breathability, that through a process of thermal fusion, combines the softness of TENCEL® fabric with the latest technology of polyurethane coating.
FITTED SHEET, waterproof and breathable
100% Melange cotton. Direct contact

"PLEASANT FEELING" is the best expression to describe this new Fitted Sheet, which caresses and wraps you up with great comfort besides protecting your mattress. It is made of 100% MELANGE Cotton fabric that allows us to SLEEP DIRECTL y on it. It incorporates the newest and extra light intelligent membrane PERLAM® PREMIUM that makes it WATERPROOF and BREATHABLE, protecting and extending the life of your mattress.
FITTED SHEET, adjustable and extra elastic (NON WATERPROOF)
95% Cotton + 5% elastane

FITFLEX® is an EXTRA ELASTIC fitted sheet manufactured in cotton incorporating elastomeric fibers in order to obtain an exceptional elasticity, offering a slight and soft finishing and touch.
Once the sheet is placed, we get a set with no wrinlkes and uniform side lines.
FITFLEX® is manufactured in one unique piece..
Tailor-made pillows

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Since the spring 2016, DELIS PRODUCTS distributes in exclusive in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, the prestigious tailor-made pillows’ Dutch brand PILLOWISE.

To get the best possible rest and for your muscles to be at their most relaxed, it is important that you sleep on a pillow that is tailored to your dimensions. In co-operation with physiotherapists, we have developed Pillowise. A simple yet effective measurement method, enables you to find your perfect pillow.
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